Brow Game Strong

Sheer horror are the two words to describe the look on my mother’s face after I told her I went and got a face tattoo. To her relief, I innocently followed up this remark by informing her that I actually got my eyebrows tattooed.

My brow history plays out a little something like this. At the tender age of 17, I vigorously attacked the hair between my brows just a little too much. The diameter between each brow became too wide and my little eyebrow hairs struggled to grow back – even six years after the destruction. As I became more beauty conscious over the years, I also became more aware of the missing brow hairs. This self-consciousness evolved into a daily routine of always filling in my brows, even when I wasn’t wearing foundation! I know it’s ideal to love your naked face for what it is but I just couldn’t get past those little patches in my brows, which simply didn’t grow back.

After seeing feather-stroke brow tattoos for the first time, I was amazed at the natural shape and texture that resulted from this procedure. I researched a couple of places and realised that this self-esteem saving procedure was not going to be cheap.

My brows are now fully healed!

I first found out about Cosmetic Tattoo by Brittany, naturally, through Instagram. A couple of friends of mine had theirs done and the results were very impressive. Not surprisingly, incredible brow artists like Brittany have very long waiting lists. On the bright side, this also gave me time to save some money from my casual-wage uni student earnings!

After three months of waiting for my appointment, I was ready to wake up with beautifully shaped brows. The procedure itself took about 90 minutes, which includes the initial consultation. Brittany guides you with everything from the desired shape to what combinations of colour to pick for the tattoo. It is essential to keep in mind that your brows will fade approximately 20-40% during the healing process, so the initial colour will be considerably darker than the final result.

Immediately after the first procedure – Brows will fade 20-40% during the healing process

A week after my first procedure, my brows were as itchy as every! The torture lies in not being to scratch them, because you don’t want patchy brows! You can’t get your brows wet for the first three days and you must apply Vaseline 2-3 times per day for the first 10 days. Two weeks after procedure, the skin became very flaky and began to peel – don’t be alarmed if this happens to you because it is completely normal.

After six weeks I went in for my touch up, which is included in the initial price. The touch up allows gives Brittany a chance to fill in any parts of the brow that may have flaked off during the healing process. My brows have since fully recovered and I absolutely love them! I have never spent a lot of money on beauty procedure like this before, however, I can confidently say I feel it is absolutely worth it.


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